Stories of Hope

Kidney Recipient
Sept. 20, 2014
Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, Texas

Fransisco Miguel “Mikey” Diaz was tired. At 19, he was still young, but he’d spent his entire life fighting to live. Diagnosed with spina bifida, Mikey lost a kidney at 3 months old, and his childhood and adolescence revolved around medications and catheters.

Mikey was placed on the waiting list for a new kidney at age 17.

Donor Mother
Fort Worth, Texas

Linda Saulsberry has endured more than any parent ever should. Yet she has never lost her faith, or her dedication to helping others.

Liver Recipient
April 18, 2014
Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center - Fort Worth, Texas

Donnie Speers told his wife, Kathy, he couldn’t fight any more.

It was the night of April 17, 2014. Their journey had started almost a year earlier on May 21, 2013, when Donnie was admitted to the hospital with liver, lung and kidney failure. He was bleeding out of his esophagus. Doctors didn’t think he’d make it through that night, but he did.

Donor Parents
Fort Worth, Texas

Manuel Romero and Lisa Corpus describe hope as weathering a storm, being knocked down, but recognizing God’s rainbow. They would know.

“We found part of our rainbow when we met the young recipient of one of our son’s organs,” Lisa said.

Waiting for a Heart – CHI Baylor St. Luke’s
Houston, Texas

Dr. John Miller thought he was healthy. He ate right, ran mini-triathlons and enjoyed a fast-paced career as a chiropractor. So when he started having chest pains one January morning after a two-mile jog, he didn’t think much of it – until the pains got worse and he found himself in the emergency room fighting a “widow-maker” heart attack. He had 100 percent blockage in a major artery.

Mother and son; living kidney donor and recipient
Jan. 12, 2015
CHI Baylor St. Luke’s Hospital; Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston

There’s nothing a mother wouldn’t do for her child. For Romana Nasir, that meant literally giving a part of herself.

Date of transplant: 4/29/2015

Received: Kidney and pancreas

How Jessica’s life has changed: “After receiving my new organs, it’s been a whole new world,” Jessica said. “I have so much energy. I can run around with my kids. I finally got to visit my family in Florida after 10 years of not seeing them. I feel fantastic and I am so grateful for my donor and her family.”

Date of death: 12/24/2013

Donated: kidneys, liver, small intestines, descending thoractic aorta

About Caden: His grandmother, Lola, says: "My grandson was only 4 years old at the time that he had a brain aneurysm. He was a little man with a giant heart; he would give anyone anything he had. That was why we decided to let him be a organ donor, so that he would have given anyone what he had to be able to show how much he loved everyone."

Children of Heart Valve Recipient/LifeGift Organ Placement Specialist
Houston, Texas

Rodney Cruz has worked with LifeGift for five years. With a background in respiratory therapy, he is now an organ placement specialist. In that position, he comes face-to-face with a lot of grief – but also a lot of hope.

“All of the donor families I have had the honor of meeting always say, ‘Thank you,’ to me,” Rodney says. “And my response is always, ‘I should be the one thanking you for giving the gift of life.’”

Children of Living Donor
Weatherford, Texas

Kaci Lusk 
Altruistic Living Kidney Donor
June 25, 2013

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