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Workplace partners

Connecting our communities through workplace outreach

Workplace partners make a commitment to educate their employees, members, and/or customers on the critical importance of organ and tissue donation and provide opportunities for individuals to register as donors.

Workplace partners create and share innovative donation awareness programs tailored to their company or organization. Examples of activities include distributing email blasts, posting social media messages, sharing fact sheets or hosting virtual trainings about donation.

Workplace partner smiling

Is Your Employer a Workplace Partner?

If your company is not currently a LifeGift workplace partner, talk to your human resources department or manager about how to help promote organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation. Encourage your employer to become part of LifeGift’s mission to save lives.

Workplace Partners in Action

LifeGift workplace partners offer employees, volunteers, or members an opportunity to learn about, discuss, and make decisions about donation. Partners organizations range in size from small to large, and each one has the potential to make a difference and save lives.

Sign up as a workplace partner

If you would like your employer to become a LifeGift workplace partner, please call LifeGift’s Volunteer/Ambassadors of Hope team at 800-633-6562.

With your help, we can inspire every person in the Amarillo, Fort Worth, Houston and Lubbock areas to give the gift of life!