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Donor family events and ceremonies

Stay connected with other donor families, get inspired and honor the legacy of donors who selflessly gave the gift of life. Our events and ceremonies are designed to preserve the legacy of donors and provide a space for healing.

LifeGift’s Family SUPPORT Team

Connecting with our donor families

COVID-19 transformed how LifeGift engages with its donor families. Due to stay-at-home directives, social distancing and other safety guidelines, LifeGift had the opportunity to develop new and imaginative means to interact and provide educational programming.

LifeGift’s team members and donor families connect online, nurture relationships, learn more about the aftercare journey and LifeGift’s continuing mission. Our organization is able to have those meaningful connections by providing virtual video conferences to a wider audience, many of whom were previously unable to attend in-person meetings.

The inaugural Pathlight newsletter was launched in March 2020. This quarterly newsletter provides donor families, transplant recipients and others supporting organ, eye and tissue donation with helpful information and useful resources. Digital communication has become an even more powerful tool as we navigate unprecedented times and still maintain key relationships.

LifeGift’s family support team also launched donor family focus groups. These sessions enable our donor family members to provide the LifeGift team with invaluable input regarding grief support and donation education. LifeGift’s family support team is able to continue providing families with comfort and healing. By leveraging our virtual platforms, LifeGift provides emotional support with education and resources to navigate a new path forward.

Explore ways to get involved

Honor your loved one’s legacy and keep their spirit alive. As a member of our donor family community, you share a valuable perspective that can help others heal and be inspired.

From volunteering to attending events, there are many ways you can help us achieve our vision.

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