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Donor Families

We offer hope and support to all donor families

At LifeGift we honor the donor’s selfless act of giving hope to others and are committed to provide ongoing support to donor families. Support may include invitations to remembrance events, resources and opportunities to connect with other families whose loved ones gave the gift of life.

Our compassionate team is here to support you as you navigate this journey of grief and healing. For more information, please contact us by calling 713-523-4438 or by emailing us at

Donor family ceremony

There are many ways to get involved

You can honor your loved one’s legacy and keep their spirit alive. As a member of our donor family community, you share a valuable perspective that can help others heal and be inspired to register as organ donors.

Writing to your loved one’s transplant recipients

The decision to correspond with your loved one’s recipient(s) is a personal one. Some choose to share their loved one’s story, while others choose to learn more about the recipients. If you are considering writing to your loved one’s recipient(s), please check out our helpful guidelines for drafting and sending your correspondence.

Get inspired by these donor stories

Now 20 years old, Kareena was just an infant when a team of medical professionals and national guardsmen saved her life on 9/11 by delivering a liver for transplant.

Looking for resources?

LifeGift’s Family Support team provides ongoing support and communication to families following donation.

Follow-up assessment

Share your experience

At LifeGift, we strive to provide the best care and services to all of our donor families and partners. Please consider completing the assessment below to let us know about your experience with LifeGift. Any response you provide will help us to improve our care of future donor families.

The fact that Daelynn would be able to save the lives of three others, be a hero for them, gave us so much pride in her. We are so proud of our little hero, and the process of donating her organs was life-changing for us, the recipients, and our family.

– Olivia Brown, Donor Mother

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