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9/11 Miracle Baby

September 10, 2021

Reflecting on a miracle: Now 20 years old, Kareena was just an infant when a team of medical professionals and national guardsmen saved her life on 9/11 by delivering a liver for transplant while airports were locked down and the world was being turned upside down.

Baby's feet

LifeGift’s Andy Bigham, patient safety coordinator, was part of the team waiting at Hobby Airport that day. “I remember going to Hobby in an ambulance to pick up the organ transplant container. The military plane had to stay on the runway because of its size and could not get closer to Million Air, the charter service with whom we normally work. I’ll never forget watching the personnel carrying the small container from such a huge plane. I am glad Kareena is doing so well.”

Please view the amazing ABC News story.