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Research and innovation

Our commitment to research and innovation sets us apart.

As part of our life-saving mission at LifeGift, we are committed to clinical research and new, innovative technologies that will help save lives today and in the future. Organs and tissues donated for research are not suitable for transplant. While these gifts don’t go directly to a recipient, they are saving an untold number of future lives through medical advancements. The families who give these generous gifts of research organs and tissues often share that they are proud of their loved one’s legacy and how it will help improve disease treatment, expand transplant options and develop new medications.

Research partnership opportunities

Cutting edge research is key to advancing donation and transplantation. At LifeGift, we’re dedicated to assisting researchers in academic medical centers, universities, biotechnology centers and hospitals to advance the field of medical research through organ, tissue and eye donation.

There are many ways to collaborate

  • Partner with LifeGift
  • Sponsor research activity
  • Acquire high-end instruments through federal grants

Are you interested in creating a research partnership with LifeGift? If so, please submit a letter of intent to and someone will reach out to you regarding next steps.

Research process

  • Research application submission
  • Review process            
  • Research subcommittee
  • Research committee
  • Follow up meeting
  • Medical advisory presentation
  • Approval
  • Inservice training
  • Study activation

New research applications

Accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks

LifeGift has maintained accreditation since 2006 by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), the national organization that recognizes and certifies tissue banks to ensure the safety, quality and availability of human tissue for transplantation and research. This accreditation follows and intensive review and auditing process, including a thorough inspection of LifeGift facilities and associated documentation and practices.

Accreditation establishes that our level of medical, technical and administrative performance meets or exceeds the standards set by AATB, and is one way we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to be the best organization we can be to serve families and the community.

Our commitment

In its mission to provide hope and save more lives, LifeGift is committed to adopting clinical research and new technologies in the areas of organ preservation, donor management and bone marrow recovery and transplantation.

One example of how the organization has embraced innovation in offering hope is the addition of the LifeGift Institute for the Future of Transplantation Simulation (SIM) Center. The SIM Center is a high-fidelity intensive care unit that provides simulation-based experiences, including organ and tissue donation training and education. The SIM Center promotes a safe learning environment and offers numerous educational opportunities for our team members and donation partners.