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Donation Systems Specialists

LifeGift’s donation systems specialist (DSS) is responsible for all aspects of organ and tissue donation for their assigned hospitals and areas. To maintain an effective and efficient organ and tissue donation program, this position collaborates with hospitals, community and agency leadership in the continuous improvement of the hospital’s donation system, as measured by the outcome of donation.

The DSS is the designated donation expert within the hospital and community, maintaining awareness of current policy as well as current best practices in organ and tissue donation. They act as liaison with local funeral homes, forensic specialists, EMS, ME’s and JPs as appropriate. It is imperative that the DSS develops and maintains relationships between LifeGift and related organizations which benefit the various stakeholders as well as donation outcomes.

Common DSS tasks and responsibilities include:

  • performing daily rounds in designated hospitals for purposes of relationship building, identification of donor potential, providing and receiving feedback and problem resolution
  • providing on-site donation case assistance
  • planning, implementing and administering training and education on all aspects of the donation program for all applicable hospital staff as well as provide annual strategic planning and administrative reporting to assigned hospitals and agencies
  • providing periodic evaluation and consultation on brain death and all end-of-life policies
  • participating in quality assurance audits and providing the hospital with the appropriate documentation for Joint Commission or DNV surveys

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