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Press Release

LifeGift, MediGO Partner to Improve the Tracking of Organs for Transplant

July 28, 2022

Real-Time Tracking and Industry-Leading ETAs Help Ensure Life-Saving Organs Arrive Safely, On-Time

LifeGift, the non-profit organ and tissue donation organization serving 109 Texas counties in Southeast, North and West Texas, today announced a new partnership to help save more lives through organ donation and transplantation. LifeGift is teaming up with Baltimore-based MediGO, a first-of-its-kind health care supply chain technology company, to technologically enhance the transportation of organs for transplant.

After surgical recovery at the hospital that cared for the organ donor, organs may need to travel long distances to be transplanted into waiting patients. These organs may be transported via courier, ground or air transportation. MediGO’s technology will provide LifeGift with real-time tracking and life-critical estimated times of arrival throughout the transplant process to predict an accurate time of arrival at a hospital or transplant center. This partnership will help ensure that no matter how far an organ travels, LifeGift and its partners will be able to monitor the time-sensitive journey at every moment, better manage resources and improve transplant outcomes.

The critical information, available simultaneously to all stakeholders through MediGO’s app, includes precise location data, traffic and weather updates, best and alternative travel routes, flight delays and cancellations, and other vital data collected along the route.

“In real time, MediGO’s technology notifies LifeGift and our partners of fluctuations to the timeline of the delivery of a precious organ so we can improve chances of a successful organ recovery and transplantation,” says Kevin Myer, president and CEO at LifeGift. “This partnership will help us in our mission to extend the legacies of donor heroes and offer hope to those waiting on a life-saving organ transplant.”

“We’ve worked closely with our partners to design a solution that helps better manage resources, reduce barriers to transplant and drive down costs,” says Dr. Joseph Scalea, a transplant surgeon and co-founder of MediGO. “Most importantly, the transparency that comes from knowing where an organ is at all times gives recipients the best chance of a successful transplant and ultimately saves more lives.” To learn more about MediGO and how it’s helping transform the transplant process, visit For more information about LifeGift and its mission to save lives through donation and transplantation, visit

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