Health Professionals

Nurses, physicians, administrators and other hospital staff members are vital in offering hope to the communities LifeGift serves.

We partner with hospitals to continually improve government-regulated donation systems, to help increase the number of donated organs and tissues available for transplant.

We also help train hospital staff members on all aspects of donation, from the appropriate identification and timing for referrals of potential donors to the medical maintenance of the donor and the recovery operation.

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Side Body: 

In May 2013, ICU nurse Jacqueline Nix reported for her shift at JPS Health Network, where an unidentified patient – a bicyclist, brain dead after being hit by a car – had been assigned to her care. Moved by the thought of the family left in the dark, Jacqueline started making phone calls. She had little chance of finding them, but she was determined to try.

An avid cyclist herself, Jacqueline remembered that some bike shops register bike’s serial numbers with the names of customers who buy them. That information helped the assigned police detective find the patient’s father. The patient had two grown daughters, who now had precious closure. His family donated his organs and saved three lives.

“Hope for me is knowing that life is orchestrated for a higher purpose,” Jacqueline said. “Through organ donation, families of organ donors and recipients both experience hope.”

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