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Supporting your professional development every step of the way

Organ and tissue donation is a unique specialty in the healthcare field that requires specific education and training. At LifeGift, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive staff training and our partnerships with hospitals to keep up with the latest industry advancements and stay informed on rules and regulatory standards. 

About Our program

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Our innovative online education delivery platform, the LifeGift Institute for the Future of Transplantation (LIFT), is a premier professional development and training program that gives you access to the latest education in the field. Many courses also include the opportunity to earn continuing education credits to help you fulfill your licensing requirements.

Our commitment to our 200+ hospital partners includes training and education both in person, as we’re able, and virtually. Topics covered span the entirety of the donation process, from donor referral through surgical recovery, as well as collaboration on creating a successful donation program. 

LIFT is an educational institute committed to providing the highest quality educational opportunities for all who seek them. LIFT incorporates advancements in research, innovation and simulation based learning activities into the curriculum offered.

– Robert S. Briner, Director of LIFT

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