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LifeGift’s Navigating Grief During the Holidays Virtual Gathering

November 11, 2021

LifeGift hosted its Navigating Grief During the Holiday event on Saturday, October 30th for a virtual gathering around navigating grief during the holiday season. Our time together began with a brief presentation, followed by a shared dialogue amongst those attending.

Susana McCollom, a board-certified chaplain, moderated this special assembly with our donor families in collaboration with LifeGift’s Aftercare team. The session started with a brief presentation in which Susana shared reflections based on her work with individuals across spiritual counseling and inquiry sessions over the past decade. The focus was on the beauty of the human spirit and the wisdom and compassion that stirs within each one of us.
During the virtual gathering, donor families were invited to share their thoughts and experiences. In closing, available donor family resources were shared with participants including LifeGift’s newly introduced website.

To view the video recording of Susana’s session, please click here.