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Introducing LifeGift’s 2021 Annual Report and Family Album

March 8, 2022
2021 Family Album & Annual Report

Shining a Light of Hope

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Welcome to our 2021 Annual Report and Family Album, “Shining a Light of Hope.” As we look back at this past year, we are reminded of the many stories of hope and acts of kindness; LifeGift partnering with other organizations to offer help and assistance in our communities, team members reaching out to assist a fellow co-worker in times of need, LifeGift providing assistance to our community partners, or supporting our communities by hosting our first virtual family meetings which brought many families together during the pandemic

LifeGift has thrived in these unprecedented times and we should be proud of the many accomplishments made in 2021. No matter whether it’s a pandemic or a historic winter crisis, our mission goes on. LifeGift has continued to remain resilient and committed to our important work of organ, tissue and eye donation through the generosity of donors and their families who offered a second chance at life to so many. We’ve experienced yet another inspirational year of serving our Fort Worth, Houston and Lubbock/Amarillo communities.

Even though tremendous progress was made this past year, we must continue to work hard to do more in 2022 for the nearly 107,000 individuals in the United States waiting for an organ transplant. To advance our mission, we will continue to educate more Texans on the importance of donation and advocate for them to join the Texas State Donor Registry to record their decision to be an organ, tissue and eye donor.

​​​​​​​We hope you enjoy reading our 2021 Annual Report and Family Album. We’ll share our album with donor families, volunteers, hospital and transplant center partners, 2nd Chance Run participants, community organizations, the media, legislative members, and other audiences via social media, our new website and email campaigns. To help spread the word, please share this album on social media. Most of all, we want to thank you for your ongoing support as we continue shining a light of hope!