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LifeGift Shares the Important Message of Donation at Community Events in Fort Worth and Houston

October 8, 2023

What a beautiful weekend for LifeGift community events in both Fort Worth and Houston! LifeGift Ambassador of Hope volunteers greeted attendees at Hispanic Wellness Coalition’s (HWC) Carnaval de Salud and at the Nigeria Cultural Parade and Festival.

HWC’s annual Carnaval de Salud included free health screenings, resources and raffles. Screenings included: flu shots, blood pressure, hearing, vision, glucose, chiropractor evaluations, adult services (STIs), CPR training and more.

The city of Houston is home to the highest population of Nigerians outside of the country. The Nigeria Cultural Parade and Festival led by Culturally Naija and Welead, Inc. provided a family-fun filled engaging and learning experience for cultural understanding. For more information about LifeGift’s Ambassador of Hope volunteer program, please click here.