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There are thousands of inspiring stories about how organ and tissue donation brings hope during difficult times. We want to hear yours! Tell us using the form below, and you might see your story appear on our website or social media outlets.

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“From the moment you first conceive a child, everything changes in the most exciting ways. The first time you feel her move inside of you, there are no words to describe that intense joy.”

Dawn Dean knows better than most how precious the gift of motherhood is; her 13-year-old daughter, Trinity, died unexpectedly in June 2009. Although it felt like their world had stopped, Dawn and her husband, Heath, agreed to donate their daughter’s tissue when the LifeGift representative asked.

Trinity was the girl who liked everyone she met. She always stood up for those who were weaker than her and her family never doubted that she would have wanted to help everyone she could. “We have been given significant moments of peace in knowing her passing from this life was not in vain.”

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