Donation Facts

Every day, an average of 92 people across the country receive lifesaving organ transplants, and countless others receive lifesaving tissue transplants. Many more receive the gift of sight through cornea donation.

In 2020, 452 organ donors and 968 tissue donors were recovered in LifeGift's service area, bringing countless people together in hope; 1,156 lives were saved across this area.

Even so, there is a critical shortage of organs across the country. More than 107,000 individuals are waiting for a lifesaving transplant. Of those, more than 10,000 are Texans.

Every 10 minutes, a new person is added to the national organ transplant waiting list, and every day 22 people die waiting for a lifesaving transplant.

The generosity of an individual donor can save up to eight lives through organ donation and countless others through tissue donation. Skin is used to treat burn patients and individuals with cancer; bone can be used to treat orthopedic injuries and cancer patients.

Transplantable organs include:

  • Heart
  • Kidneys
  • Lungs
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Intestine

Transplantable tissue includes:

  • Skin
  • Bone
  • Heart Valves
  • Veins
  • Corneas

Download an infographic of the gifts of donation here.

You Can Offer Hope

The (Glenda P. Dawson) Donate Life Texas Registry is the official state organ, tissue and eye donor registry. Signing the registry is a legally binding, first-person authorization to be an organ and tissue donor upon a person’s death. Register to become a donor at or the companion site,

Side Body: 

Always smiling, talking to God and dancing to hymns, tiny Fernandita “Fergy” Rodriguez was an angel to her family. When a car accident took her away at only 15 months old, Fergy’s parents, Nancy and David, knew she’d simply gone home. For the funeral, they chose not to grieve her passing, but to celebrate her life. Everyone wore bright, happy colors.

Though Nancy says the grieving process will never really be over, she also realizes that Fergy will never really be gone – she and David donated Fergy’s tissues.

“Knowing that a part of her is living in someone else is very gratifying,” Nancy said. The Rodriguez family honors their little girl through a support group they started for grieving families. Nancy and her mother, Martha Torres, are also LifeGift volunteers.

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