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LifeGift’s Multicultural Advisory Committee: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation Education

August 22, 2023

LifeGift has been making significant strides in promoting diversity and inclusion in its mission to save lives through organ, eye and tissue donation. At the heart of this endeavor is the newly established Multicultural Advisory Committee, a group composed of LifeGift team members representing a diverse array of demographics. This committee serves as a crucial resource, guiding and providing feedback to the communications team on the organization’s efforts to educate and engage the multicultural communities it serves.

The committee comprises dedicated LifeGift team members who are passionate about fostering inclusivity and understanding within the organization and the communities it serves. These team members come from various backgrounds, ensuring a well-rounded representation of cultures and experiences. The working group’s members are volunteers who believe in the power of diversity to enhance donation awareness and accessibility and they are eager to contribute their insights to make a difference.

A key strength of the committee lies in its ability to reflect a wide range of demographics. By including members from diverse ethnicities, races, genders, sexual orientations, ages and disability statuses, the working group captures a comprehensive view of the multicultural communities it seeks to reach. This representation is crucial in shaping culturally sensitive and relevant strategies for raising awareness about donation, addressing obstacles and fostering a positive and inclusive narrative around this critical cause.

“One of the primary functions of the committee is to provide valuable guidance and feedback to LifeGift’s communication team,” says Schawnte’ Williams-Taylor, LifeGift vice president of family engagement and donation services. “The members actively participate in the development of culturally appropriate educational materials, campaigns and outreach initiatives.”

The committee goes beyond demographic diversity and ensures representation from various departments and service lines within LifeGift. This interdepartmental collaboration allows for a comprehensive approach to understanding the organization’s operations and its impact on different communities. By including team members from LifeGift’s three service regions, the committee gains insights into the specific challenges and opportunities they face in engaging multicultural communities effectively.

“Their input helps tailor messages to resonate with diverse audiences, promoting donation awareness in ways that are most impactful,” adds Woodlhey Ambroise, LifeGift director of organ operations and surgical recovery. “Through this collaboration, LifeGift can foster stronger connections with multicultural communities, transform viewpoints on misconceptions and increase trust in the donation process.”

LifeGift’s Multicultural Advisory Committee stands as a beacon of diversity and inclusion within the organization’s mission to save lives through organ, eye and tissue donation. The efforts of the group in guiding communication strategies contribute significantly to breaking down barriers with multicultural populations. Through the tireless work of this team, LifeGift continues to make strides in promoting equitable access to life-saving opportunities for everyone, regardless of their background or identity.