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Transforming Organ Transplantation: InformAI Secures NIH Grant for Innovative AI Solution, TransplantAI

February 15, 2024

LifeGift is pleased to announce that our partner, InformAI, is the recipient of a $2.2M National Institutes of Health Fast-Track to Phase 2 award, supporting product development and commercialization of the AI-enabled Organ Transplant Informatics Platform, TransplantAI.

LifeGift is a proud partner in the research of this initiative which aids in addressing vital issues of organ scarcity, utilization and allocation inefficiency in transplantation, ultimately bringing together donor and recipient data in real time. This innovative approach has the ability to lead to a better transplant process with enhanced organ allocation and improved patient outcomes.

For more details and to read the full press release from InformAI, please click here.