Zany Mascot to Run Aramco Houston Half-Marathon to Draw Attention to Donation

Oops, he did it again! Clutch “The Rockets Bear” signed up for the Aramco Houston Half-Marathon, taking place Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015 in Houston. Motivated by gratitude for an organ donor who saved his father’s life, Robert Boudwin, who plays Clutch, decided to run the half-marathon in 2014. His participation created so much awareness, that he’s doing it again in 2015. 

In case you missed the giant bear running in full gear in 2014, (yes, full gear) here is some insight into Robert’s experience last year and how he is preparing for 2015:

Q: How did you get ready the day/night before?

A: I sweated out 10 pounds while entertaining fans at Toyota enter!  We had a home game as we do again this year. The Heidemanns (Robert’s dad’s donor family) attended the game and the Marathon the next day last year and are doing so again this year.

Q: Did you ever think about giving up?

A: No.  Surrender was never an option in my mind  not even for a second.  I asked my best friend since the 6th grade, who is now Reverend Patrick Hunnicutt from the DC area, to come up with a tattoo in his own handwriting years ago that he felt epitomized me in his own words.  He gave me, "SURRENDER IS NOT AN OPTION.” The tattoo in his writing rests on my right rib cage.  When I got tired, I thought of that. 

Q: What was favorite moment during the run?

A:  My favorite moments were FINISHING and high-fiving the Heidemanns while running at various points. And also, hearing all the Houstonians cheer me on throughout the race! 

Q: What was your least favorite moment during the run?

A: Definitely mile 9. I had to stop for a bio break, which cost me 10 minutes to get out of costume and back in. Then I started cramping. 

Q: What would you do differently?

A: Hydrate better. Take in runners' goo throughout the race.  Change costumes at mile 8 or 9 to have a dry suit that is lighter at that point and not sweat-logged.

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