Volunteers Make Kids at Texas Children’s #HopeStrong

This past August, LifeGift Ambassadors of Hope made #hopestrong bracelets with kids undergoing dialysis at Texas Children’s Hospital renal center.  

The amazing volunteer project gave young patients the chance to participate in an encouraging activity while undergoing life-supporting dialysis treatment.

Children on dialysis are hooked to machines three days a week, four hours a day. Kidney dialysis uses a special machine to filter harmful wastes and excess fluid from your blood. The treatment helps restore the blood to a normal, healthy balance. Dialysis replaces many of the kidney's important functions. This can be tough for small children and young adults to endure. That is why LifeGift volunteers wanted to help!

Volunteers beamed as they entered the renal center to see courageous children. The patients were thrilled to see colorful beads, elastic strings and buckets of alphabet letters. Ambassadors of Hope helped create masterpieces. They sat next to their small partners, stringing together letters and patterns. The entire unit was filled with joy as little ones made bracelets for moms, nurses, sisters, brothers, dads and grandparents.


“It was great to see the kids laughing,” said Cidam, LifeGift Ambassador of Hope. “They were so distracted with excitement, they forgot they were hooked to a machine.” 

Ambassadors of Hope offer hope to the community. On that day, a dialysis treatment unit was creatively filled with hope, love, jokes, giggles and good times.  

Thank you to the renal center at Texas Children’s Hospital for extending this miraculous opportunity. 

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