Volunteers in Fort Worth Receive Send-off

A multifaceted celebration was held at Blue Mesa in Fort Worth for volunteers on Tuesday, July 1, 2014. The event was to meet new volunteers, re-engage with those we hadn’t seen in a while and to give a Texas-sized send-off to those who would be attending the Transplant Games of America in Houston July 11-15. A great time was had by all. Upon arriving, a nametag was stuck on the back of each person with the name of a celebrity. Each guest had to mingle with everyone else to gain clues as to who their celebrity was. Lady Gaga (and her daughter, Addi), Clint Eastwood, Reba McEntire, Martha Stewart, and even Angelina Jolie and Tarzan stopped by! A beautiful cake was cut and served by those attending the Transplant Games.

Charline Conger, heart recipient; Tina Rueles, lung recipient; and Sharon Battles, wife of heart recipient, Wayne Battles; were part of the group from Fort Worth who traveled to the Games.

Laura Vandal, LifeGift volunteer and her daughter at the volunteer event. It was so good to see some familiar faces! 

Ben and Mary Frugé attended the event as well. Mary is a heart transplant recipient of more than 25 years and a longtime LifeGift volunteer. 

A beautiful cake, decked out with the Transplant Games of America logo, was served to all guests at the send-off.

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