Together in Hope: 2017 Calendar About to Make Its Debut

After months of hard work selecting a concept, choosing calendar participants, conducting photo shoots, writing stories and evolving through multiple rounds of editing, LifeGift is excited to present the highly anticipated 2016 annual report/2017 calendar.

This year’s calendar is all about how we are linked by hope – the expectation that good can come from any situation. Everyone from OPO staff and volunteers to transplant center staff, transportation professionals and social workers make donation and transplantation possible. And it all starts, of course, with the generous acts of our precious donor families who said “YES” during a time of unspeakable grief and despair.

We are looking forward to sharing the calendar with you and hope that it reenforces our core purpose of offering hope to those that we serve.

The calendar features stories of those waiting on lifesaving gifts, living donors, transplant recipients, donor families and caregivers.

Keep an eye on your mailboxes!  

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