Thanks Is Never Quite Enough

According to Webster and friends, a volunteer may be defined as a person who performs a benevolent act or service with their only compensation being the personal satisfaction gained. When we speak of LifeGift volunteers, newly named “Ambassadors of Hope,” we all agree this is a fitting description. They give freely of their time and talents without the expectation of anything in return, except possibly just one person who registers as an organ and tissue donor. 

And while the goal is to show our appreciation every day, there is actually a full week to celebrate all volunteers across the country during National Volunteer Week, April 12-18. Fun recognition events will be held in each region of LifeGift during this special week and we encourage everyone to thank a volunteer in any capacity. With April also being Donate Life Month, you should see plenty of volunteers around. 

If you are already an Ambassador of Hope, thank you for the work you do in our communities and for the impact you make on behalf of all of those who wait! If you are not a volunteer, but would like to become one, we encourage you to visit It’s true: employees can become volunteers, too! It is the best way to get plugged into the community. You can complete the short application and someone will be in touch with you! It is just that simple! 

Volunteers Tina Rueles and Theresa Castruita show their Donate Life spirit by helping to fold t-shirts.

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