Summer Is A Great Time to Curl Up with a Good Book

Summer is a wonderful time to include reading as an extracurricular activity. Along with improving your overall health, curling up with a good book can be the best way to pass the time. A study done at the University of Sussex found that reading can reduce stress by 68 percent. As well as reducing stress, reading can also be helpful for professional growth.

LifeGift’s Communication Team compiled a list of must-reads focused on organ, eye and tissue donation. We challenge you to take the time to read one book from the list. Stay tuned to future issues of our newsletters for information about a summer game involving these books!

Have fun with your summer reading!

1. "A Gift of Life: A Page From the Life of a Living Organ Donor" by Lynn Chabot-Long
This is the extraordinary story of an ordinary family caught in a life or death struggle to save one of their own. With the possibility of a sibling becoming a living organ donor, this courageous family had to face the fact that they could lose not one, but two members. This story is told in a light-hearted, yet no-holds-barred manner. 

During the process of becoming a donor, the author discovered that there was no information to be found concerning the donor’s point of view. This book has become the resource for those families considering organ donation and those who have already donated. Even though it is told from the donor's point of view, it focuses on the recipient as well.

This book has been endorsed by members of organizations such as: UNOS, the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin, the National Donor Family Council and the New York Regional Transplant Program, to name a few.

2. "The Gift of Life: The Reality Behind Donor Organ Retrieval" by Traci Graf
The Gift of Life is about the remarkable world of organ transplant coordinators – profiles of the men and women who locate and arrange for the donation of organs from those who are dying and wish to live on in others' bodies through this selfless gift. Traci Graf tells the riveting story of this unique and demanding branch of medicine.

3. "The Nicholas Effect: A Boy's Gift to the World" by Reg Green
"The Nicholas Effect" is the story of the shooting of 7-year-old Nicholas Green. It tells how the Greens' decision to donate their son's organs saved the lives of five Italians and restored the sight of two others. 

4. "Wrapped in Mourning" by Sue Holtkamp 
Based on 15 years of experience working with organ procurement organizations and donor families, "Wrapped in Mourning" addresses the subject of organ donor family trauma. This book covers the issues surrounding organ donation, including the history of organ transplantation, how organs are procured for transplantation, as well as the medical procedure itself. 

5. "Bioethics and Organ Transplantation in a Muslim Society: A Study of Culture, Ethnography and Religion" by Farhat Moazam 
This is an ethnographic study of live, related kidney donation in Pakistan, based on Farhat Moazam’s participant-observer research conducted at a public hospital. Her narrative is both a "thick" description of renal transplant cases and the cultural, ethical and family conflicts that accompany them, and an object lesson in comparative bioethics.

In addition to these books, we encourage you to visit Organ Donation Alliance’s daily blog The website posts interesting stories related to the organ, eye and tissue donation field. Enjoy your summer and grab a good book. As an inscription reads over the door at the Library of Thebes, “Books are the medicine for the soul.” 

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