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Heart Recipient & Son
July 10, 2011
CHI Baylor St. Luke’s, Houston, Texas

Alejandro Mata Mill had cardiomyopathy on the left side of his heart, leading to enlargement, ventricular tachycardia – and heart failure. He was only 31, and he had a 4-year-old son to take care of.

“I felt weak, I couldn’t breathe, walk, eat or do anything. My life just stopped.”

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Liver Recipient & Sister
January 3, 2010, Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital
Houston, Texas

Kayli’s Dog

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Registered Donor
Houston, Texas

Alice Austin
Passed Away Waiting for a Kidney
September 1, 1952 – April 24, 2005

Mark C. Austin is a champion of the Houston music scene. Formerly an accountant, he’s now a manager and promoter for several local bands, including The Suffers and The Tontons. Around town, Mark is known for two things: his epic beard and his limitless dedication to supporting all Houston musicians.

Date of death: 8/22/2017

Donated: Kidneys, liver, bone, corneas, tissue and heart

About Daniel: His loved ones say, "Daniel was the most loving young man. He loved his family and life. He would do anything to help anyone and had the kindest heart. He will always be loved and missed."


Date of transplant: 12/6/2016 

Received: Liver 

Gary's story: "In 2013 I suffered from acute liver failure and was placed on the waiting list for a liver transplant. During the three-year wait, we had to fight hard to make sure I received the care I needed. As a person living with HIV, also in need of a lifesaving organ transplant, we had to find a care team that knew how to work with both conditions. 

Heart Recipient
April 7, 2013
Memorial Hermann Hospital – Texas Medical Center, Houston, Texas

Edwina Ehmann registered to be an organ donor when she got her license at age 16. She never thought she’d end up needing a heart 40 years later. But when cardiomyopathy made it impossible for the mother of two to keep up with the demands of her job at a legal record retrieval company, Edwina stepped out of the workforce – and onto the transplant waiting list.

Donor Mother
Lubbock, Texas

Jaslyn Biera taught her children about kindness, generosity and the importance of family.

“My family was always taught to be there for each other,” she said. “That’s what I instilled in my daughter and son.”

Bone Graft Recipient
Nov. 11, 2007
Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center, Fort Worth

Karen Duncan is no stranger to grief. In fact, she’s spent her life helping people who are dealing with loss. A registered nurse, Karen worked in the trauma and neuro ICU, then in organ and tissue recovery as a hospital liaison at LifeGift, and finally in hospice as an admissions nurse. And she experienced great personal grief when she lost her husband, Clarence “Sonny” Duncan, in 2010.

Waiting for a Kidney
Houston, Texas

Danny Medrano and his wife, Suelen, have a faith that just won’t quit. The young couple met in high school, married five years after graduating, and looked forward to starting a family together. Then, in 2012, their life together took a sudden turn for the worse.

Donor Daughter
Fort Worth, Texas

Azalea Walker’s mother, Tina, taught her about giving in so many ways. Tina served in both the U.S. Navy and Air Force Reserves, where she was a decorated servicewoman. She had a passion for helping children, and spent several years serving as a camp counselor for the DEFY program, a Navy-led initiative for educating youth about drugs. She was also heavily involved in leadership and ministry at Destiny Church in Fort Worth.

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