September is DPS Appreciation Month

A few years ago, Donate Life America declared that a week in September would be deemed “DPS Appreciation Week” to show our gratitude for the front line workers at the Department of Public Safety (DPS) who help to register donors. Because everything is bigger and better in Texas and because we have more than 200 DPS offices in the state, the Donate Life Texas team expanded it to a month-long celebration.

Throughout the month of September, representatives from LifeGift’s Communications team and Ambassadors of Hope will be hitting the road to personally thank DPS workers for their role in saving lives. Each time the box is checked at the DPS, hope is being offered because a simple question is being asked.   

The next time you’re at your local DPS office, we encourage you to say “thank you” and show your appreciation to those behind the counter who help us drive our mission forward, each and every day. 

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