Reflecting on 2014: An Update from Kevin Myer, President and CEO

Happy New Year! LifeGift has much to be proud of as we reflect on 2014. We finished the year with an increase in organ donors (287 in 2014 versus 282 in 2013) and organs transplanted (816 in 2014 versus 802 in 2013). And just last week, we reached a tremendous milestone on the Donate Life Texas Registry – with 7 million Texans saying “YES” to donation. These accomplishments could not have been achieved without the help and support of our hospital partners, community supporters, Board of Directors, and volunteers.

We are healthy financially and our Board of Directors has guided us responsibly and effectively. Our relationships with donor hospitals and transplant programs are solid and continue to improve. We ended the year with increased tissue donor volume for November and December after lots of effort to understand how we could change things to sustain improvement over the long haul. We have focused on One LifeGift and seen good results from that work with increased consistency and collaboration across all of our office locations. We have seen our core values of passion, compassion and professionalism and strategic anchors of dual advocacy, fiscal strength and expertise take hold across the organization, and we will continue to focus on the importance of a healthy workplace as we move into 2015.

LifeGift was a major part of the Transplant Games of America in July, and we hosted the Association of Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation (AMAT) in September. We launched a new website, enhanced our brand and produced a calendar, “Snapshots of Hope,” which represents the recognition and appreciation for donors and donor families and “the gift.” We were in the news 139 times throughout 2014 and have an active volunteer base of 180 as we enter this new year.  

In 2015, LifeGift will open up a new central organ placement service and we will be building a new call center and training area with the addition of a new clinical information system to start in 2016. We have solidified a three-year strategic plan, which holds much promise for offering more hope in the years ahead. 

None of this would be possible without the hard work, dedication and commitment from staff, volunteers, Board of Directors, hospitals and community partners to the idea that we offer hope. As a collective whole, we really do offer hope on a daily basis. Whatever your relationship to LifeGift, you are part of bringing good from bad, bringing new beginnings from endings and creating opportunities for renewal and hope.

I look forward to 2015 and all the work we will do together to save lives. 

With warm regards and all the best wishes for you and yours in 2015, 


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