Quarterly Update from Kevin Myer – Summer 2015

LifeGift continues to drive performance through expertise, dual advocacy and fiscal strength by expanding our reach into the community. At mid-year, we have already helped transplant 415 organs from the many situations where LifeGift assisted in the coordination of critical organ donation and transplantation events. We have also been increasing tissue donation across all of One LifeGift, especially as we now are performing all tissue recovery services in the Fort Worth area in addition to Houston and Lubbock/Amarillo.

Expertise shows up in many ways across LifeGift. First, we are recruiting and retaining staff who strive to be experts, and we are providing novel training to help move in that direction. An example is the recent series of state-of-the-art training for all clinical staff on the topic of performing a basic physical assessment. It sounds simple, but having all clinical staff perform this critical task to standard – in all regions, on all cases – is quite a challenge. We are expanding this training over the year to next cover the topic of neurological assessment, followed by basic donor management. All involved are passionate about this program. We will be publishing the results of our built-in evaluation system that demonstrates effectiveness of the training intervention. 

Second, we were recently highlighted in local, national and international news about the first-ever combined skull-scalp-kidney/pancreas transplant, which demonstrated our expertise in preparing for and coordinating a complex donation and transplant endeavor. It was such a highlight for LifeGift because it demonstrated collaboration with our many transplant partners in real terms to help a patient in need of a unique transplant procedure. 

Third, we are continuing to be asked to help with critical research projects in the areas of genomics, neurological disease, regenerative medicine and understanding the way we evaluate organs, especially hearts and kidneys for transplantation. We believe offering our expertise to these studies is important because while we do our important work every day, we also contribute to the advancement of our field and emerging sub-specialties.

I am so proud of our leaders and staff across all of One LifeGift. These few highlights of how we are improving our capabilities to serve our community are just a snapshot of so many wonderful things happening every day. 

At the end of the day, all of us at LifeGift realize that none of this happens without the incredible generosity of our donors and donor families. I am always amazed by the exciting expansion of technology in our field; yet, none of it would be possible without the beautiful act of individuals or families saying “yes” in the midst of devastating situations. Offering Hope is what we do and we are working hard to expand our expertise across the community every day, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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