Our Hopes and Dreams for 2016

A letter from Kevin Myer, president and CEO

We enter the new year with many 2015 achievements behind us that give us confidence in our plans to further impact our community through increased organ, eye and tissue donation in 2016. As always, we are so grateful to the many donors and donor families who so generously donated in the hope of helping others. The entire donation and transplantation system depends on the incredible human act of saying “yes” in the midst of human loss. All of us at LifeGift are privileged to be good stewards of these acts of incredible generosity and kindness.

As we grow our Donate Life Texas registry, now over 8 million strong, it is clear that Texans support donation. Nearly four out of 10 organ donation situations in 2015 were authorized through the registry. What about those other six out of 10 situations? 

There are three major areas of work that we perform day in and day out to increase donation:

  1. Building community outreach and education focused on increasing the number of Texans on the Donate Life Texas registry 
  2. Working with our hospital partners to create the “optimal donation environment,” which means that, as a team, we support families experiencing loss and help them make the decision to donate
  3. Developing expertise in compassionately interacting with families in crisis to support the decision to say yes to donation

In 2016, we are doing all we can to increase the authorization rates for donation through organizational focus, training and practice improvement. To help increase donation and transplantation in 2016, our thematic goal is simply to have 300 organ donors, 1,000 organs transplanted and 1,200 tissue donors. 

We will achieve this while being keenly aware and sensitive to the fact that each of these numbers – 300, 1,000 and 1,200 – represent lives lost, grieving families, amazing transplant opportunities and lives saved. Our core values of passion, compassion and professionalism as well as our strategic anchors of expertise, dual advocacy will guide us to achieve these goals. 

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