Ordinary Day Turns into Extraordinary Gift

Fort Worth volunteer, Kaci Lusk, has a bit of a unique story. What started as an ordinary Saturday of running errands ended up being anything but ordinary. The last stop on her list was for an oil change at a lube center owned by a friend. This person told her about another good friend who was ill and needed a kidney transplant. She asked Kaci to proofread a letter she was about to post to Facebook about his need. As Kaci read through the story, she realized that she was the same blood type as the potential recipient. She told her friend that she would donate a kidney to him and asked about the process. The testing started right away. 

During the process, doctors discovered that Kaci had latent tuberculosis. She required six months of treatment before she could even be considered. After she was deemed healthy enough to make the donation, the transplant took place in June of 2013. Today, Kaci and her recipient, Michael, are both doing well. She and Michael have met and remain in contact.

Kaci now volunteers her time with LifeGift to encourage others to register as organ and tissue donors and to consider living donation. A mother of two, she is in the process of writing a children’s book to help children understand the living donation process, so that they are comfortable with it.  





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