More Than Just Blue and Green

Donate Life America established National Donate Life Blue and Green Day to encourage everyone to wear blue and green in an effort to spread organ, eye and tissue donation awareness. This year, National Blue and Green Day is on April 17. Communities across the nation will connect with local businesses, restaurants, media and social media groups to promote the need for lifesaving gifts.   

Currently, there are more than 123,000 children, teenagers, men and women who are on the national transplant waiting list. On April 17, the nation can come together in a sea of blue and green in an effort to save those lives. A simple act, like wearing a blue or green bandana, a green shirt or a blue scarf, can offer hope to patients who have been waiting for a second chance at life. 

National Donate Life Blue and Green Day also pays tribute to those who have given the greatest gift of all: a second chance at life. This gives transplant recipients, families and communities the opportunity to say “thank you” to donors and to donor families because they truly are heroes.

Don’t forget to wear your blue and green gear on April 17. Snap your photos and submit them for Donate Life America’s photo contest! See contest rules below. 

Think Blue! Think Green! Think Donate Life! 

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