Living the Values

LifeGift team members are living the values! In the April staff meeting, Culture Team member, Marlanea Lyons, gave a shout out to several individuals and one department for being passionate, compassionate and professional:

QA Team: They put in a lot of hours and a lot of work correcting charts to submit to tissue processors and transplant centers. Without their efforts, tissues and organs could not be transplanted. Most, with the exception of the newer staff, have been certified by different entities and all strive toward excellence at every turn. This group is one of the unsung heroes at LifeGift!

Elizabeth Tierrablanca: Even when Elizabeth is having a bad day, she is still willing to help you all the way, and make sure that things are done correctly with a great attitude!

Michael Morgan & Bobby Elder: Thank you for putting up the displays in the lobby and the training room. They did this during their lunch hour, sacrificing their hunger for the good of the company. You can always count on them to do their very best when asked to do a task! They are constantly willing to help fellow employees out and lend a helping hand!

Marcus Hunter: Marcus is always willing to switch shifts with other team members with no complaints. On a daily basis he is positive and motivated and a joy to be around. I know I can count on Marcus and that make me happy to work with him!

Tasha Horton: She is exceptional as a representative for LifeGift in our hospitals and as a co-worker! She initiated the Donate Life Flag program at JPS Health Network. Tasha deserves to be recognized by One LifeGift as one who truly “bleeds blue!”

Thanks to all of you for contributing to a healthy culture! You make the difference and provide an excellent example for the rest of us to follow! Congratulations for being recognized by your peers!

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