With a Little Urging from a Rock

Rick Stilwell had his dream career at Cook Children’s Health Care System – that is, until he heard about the opening at LifeGift in Fort Worth. Then, working for LifeGift became his new aspiration. 
Rick is no stranger to organ and tissue donation. His wife is a living kidney donor and he is a tissue recipient himself. But once Rick was hired, it’s what he brought to work one day that really made his story come full circle: a rock. Yes, just a plain old rock, only this one had been painted in a bright blue and lime green with the words “Donate Life.”
Why this rock? After accepting the position at LifeGift a few weeks prior, Rick lost a little sleep wondering if he was indeed making the right decision. A day or so later, his family was in a local park when they stumbled upon the Donate Life rock. They brought it home to Rick that night.
Little did his family know at the time, the rock had been painted by HEB Rocks, a group that gathers from time to time to paint “Kindness Rocks.” Their goal is to paint kind messages on rocks and place them in various places around town where people can find them, bringing a little joy into their day. One family in the group happens to be the Nalleys, a family near and dear to LifeGift. Katelyn Nalley, heart recipient, was featured in our 2016 LifeGift calendar. 
It turns out, the Nalley family had painted this particular Donate Life rock in honor of Katelyn. 
This rock was truly a sign for Rick, who knows now that his family found it for a reason. Now, Rick is part of the LifeGift family in Fort Worth and we are glad to have him – you could say he pretty much rocks! 

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