LifeGift Update in Wake of Hurricane Harvey

Thank you all so much for the outpouring of support for LifeGift as Tropical Storm Harvey continues to impact our region. We are so grateful for your emails, calls and texts during the last few days. Our staff is OK – unfortunately some have lost homes, lost cars and other property, but everyone is safe, which has been our main concern. Our dedicated team is operating during this storm and continues to provide critical services.

Here’s a brief recap:

  • Our Executive Leadership Team initiated emergency operations in advance of the storm on Thursday as we learned more detail about the rapidly developing storm.

  • On Friday night, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Corpus Christi, about three hours south of Houston.

  • Saturday was a relatively dry day for us; Saturday night was a very different story.

  • Since Saturday, we have been deluged with bands of rain from the storm. Some areas of Houston have seen nearly 30 inches of rain.

  • We suspended all tissue operations in Houston on Friday due to multiple interruptions in commercial air transportation and cessation of operations by our local processing agency. We have continued operations for organ cases and are allocating organs locally on a case by case basis. Our Fort Worth and Lubbock regional operations are not impacted.

  • Both Houston commercial airports are closed and are not expected to open until later in the week.

  • The Texas Medical Center is severely flooded; hospitals are operating under their emergency conditions.

  • Throughout all of this, the Communications Center for Donation (CCD) has been and is 100% operational.

  • The Houston office is closed today (8/28) and tomorrow (8/29) due to impassable and dangerous road conditions.

  • The Executive Leadership Team is communicating routinely every 12 hours to assess the situation and direct resources as needed.

All three Texas OPOs are working and communicating together and we will recover from this situation. We do not expect normal operations to resume until early next week as the impact in Houston is widespread and severe. We appreciate all the care and concern from across the country. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts during this unprecedented natural disaster. 

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