LifeGift Takes Lead in Stanford University Donor Heart Study

LifeGift is one of seven organ procurement organizations (OPOs) participating in the Donor Heart Study conducted by Stanford University. Our participation involves important data collection that includes echocardiograms (ECHOs), electrocardiograms (EKGs), laboratory results, angiography results (heart caths) and survey responses from transplant coordinators. 

We began enrolling Southeast donors in early 2015 and by mid-2017 the enrollment was expanded to all LifeGift regions. This move positioned us as the second OPO with the highest average enrollment of donors per month. 

During the October Multi-Site Teleconference for the Donor Heart Study, LifeGift was praised for its commitment to the study, the prompt and accurate data collection of the enrolled donors and the increase in the number of donors enrolled in the study. 

The success of LifeGift's participation in the Donor Heart Study is the result of strong team work from our clinical staff in the North, West and Southeast offices. Special thanks to Dr. R. Patrick Wood and Dr. Javier Nieto-Sanchez for leading this important charge. 

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