LifeGift Staff and Volunteers Depict “We Offer Hope” Through Art

You may have wondered what the colorful piece of artwork is in the Houston office training room. It’s actually a mural painted by LifeGift volunteers and staff to depict LifeGift’s core purpose of offering hope. 

Reginald Adams, a Houston artist, hosted more than 30 staff and volunteers at his studios in downtown Houston on Saturday, March 22. Prior to the workshop, we surveyed volunteers to understand what imagery best depicted LifeGift’s core purpose. The resounding response was a butterfly – a symbol of renewal and rebirth.

"This was an exceptional and fun experience. Great for getting to know each other in a fun and relaxing way,” said Kevin Myer. 

Reginald Adams puts on the finishing pieces as he hangs the mural in the Houston training room. 

Reginald Adams observes as Kevin and his wife, Jamie, concentrate on their canvases.  

Marcela Ruben, LifeGift volunteer, enjoyed painting and relaxing as they created something meaningful to reflect what hope means to them.

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