LifeGift Rolls Out Onboarding Program

It’s been almost a year since the onboarding program – a three-day interactive workshop for new employees – was created to help orient employees to LifeGift and their respective roles. 

“While the goal of any new hire orientation program is to introduce employees to the company culture and familiarize them with their roles, this overhauled onboarding program goes beyond the average,” said Cynthia Bates, recruiter and onboarding coordinator. “We provide in-depth knowledge of the organization, core values, mission, history, and how each individual LifeGift employee contributes to our core purpose of offering hope.” 

Department heads provide presentations that demonstrate how each group uniquely contributes and relates to the entire organization. 

To date, the onboarding program has received excellent feedback from new employees. Kevin Myer’s welcome, transplant history and the “Day in the Life” sessions are the most popular. 

To date, approximately 51 LifeGift new hires have participated in the program. 

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