LifeGift Remains Resilient in Face of Hurricane

The night of Friday, Aug. 26, was just the beginning of the most devastating disaster to ever hit the Lone Star State. Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast, bringing torrential rains to virtually every corner of the greater Houston area. The rains lasted for days, flooding major roadways and homes, while forcing many people to evacuate to higher ground. 

In the face of this devastation, LifeGift quickly mobilized, starting the Thursday before the storm. The Executive Leadership Team held calls every 12 hours, assessing the dire situation as it unfolded. The Communications Center for Donation utilized its remote staff to keep call center operations functional throughout the entire disaster.

Organ recovery teams from all three regional offices were able to continue lifesaving operations. The employees on these cases from Houston were away from their families for hours, not knowing what they’d come home to. 

The LifeGift office on Westridge sustained minimal damage. Our security guard, Joe Gonzalez, rode out the storm at the office – three days and four nights – protecting the property. He was urged to leave several times and refused. We are so grateful to Mr. Joe for his commitment and dedication! 

Maureen Woodruff, who was evacuated, was able to process payroll to ensure employees were paid.

Unfortunately, several of our Houston staff members have experienced property and vehicle losses. We have set up a LifeGift Staff Disaster Relief Fund to help those who will be rebuilding their lives. Those wanting to help can learn more and donate here

Hurricane Harvey was an unprecedented event that unleashed raging flood waters across the great City of Houston and outlying areas. Throughout the storm and now its aftermath, the city is showing strong resolve and will come back from this better than ever. 

LifeGift Staff Disaster Relief Fund


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