LifeGift Receives High Scores from AOPO During Accreditation Process

The opportunity to save lives through organ and tissue donation and to offer hope to so many is one that LifeGift takes seriously and considers a privilege. We are fortunate to meet selfless donor families, grateful recipients and many others who are still waiting for their lifesaving gift. Knowing that so many depend on our work makes all of us constantly strive for perfection – to recover every organ, every time; to give the person on dialysis his/her life back; or to return parents to their children.

Recently, LifeGift completed a complex, peer-reviewed audit to be considered for re-accreditation by the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations (AOPO). The three-day onsite accreditation process promotes learning and provides the opportunity for organ procurement organizations (OPOs) to continue to build a solid foundation for the community that leads to improved overall quality and effective outcomes. The bar is set high and the scoring grids are more stringent than ever before as each OPO faces many new challenges in this field. The audit has strict guidelines that must be met in areas such as corporate compliance, patient safety, policies and procedures, donor family services and many more. 

LifeGift is committed to patient safety and to ensuring that staff has the resources, training and expertise needed to excel in every department. And, we are happy to report that on June 22, 2015, LifeGift received notification that we had achieved accreditation through March, 2018. This is no small feat and one that our CEO, Board of Directors and entire staff are honored to have received.

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