LifeGift Awarded AATB’s Level A Accreditation

LifeGift has been accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) since 2006 and was recently reaccredited. LifeGift is accredited for authorization, donor eligibility assessment, and recovery and collection of cardiac tissue, musculoskeletal tissue, skin and vascular tissue for transplantation.

This accreditation follows an intensive review and auditing process, including a thorough on-site inspection by AATB staff of LifeGift facilities and all of the associated documentation and practices. Accreditation establishes that the level of medical, technical, and administrative performance within the facilities meets or exceeds the standards set by the AATB.

Maintaining AATB accreditation demonstrates LifeGift's ongoing commitment to the highest standards and the utmost level of service to our donors and the tissue banks with which we work. Accredited organizations are recognized as the leaders in the space and as influential voices in the dialogue through which consensus-based, voluntary standards are developed and implemented.

Kevin Myer, LifeGift president and CEO, says “We are extremely proud of the hard work and commitment of our dedicated staff, ensuring we build and maintain the levels of quality and efficiency that place us at the top of our industry.”

“Level A accreditation provides us with a great indicator for how our entire recovery process is functioning. It confirms what we already know: LifeGift is committed to offering hope to donors and their families; evaluating potential donors correctly; confirming the supplies we use are safe; performing and documenting the recovery with the welfare of the recipients in mind; and having effective involvement of quality in all of these processes to ensure safety and well-being, says Joe Kreeb, LifeGift vice president of tissue operations.

“Being accredited by the AATB is not mandatory and there are other organ procurement organizations and tissue banks who are not accredited. LifeGift chooses to be accredited because we value the scrutiny,” says Kreeb. “We believe we are performing at a high level but want to be evaluated by the AATB so that we can continually improve our processes.”

This rigorous review and audit involved several individuals and departments within the organization and was truly a team effort. Rusty Roberts, LifeGift director of tissue services and Sheila Buena, LifeGift manager of quality systems were the main AATB contacts, answering questions and providing follow up responses. In addition, the communications center for donation (CCD), facilities, quality, and leadership were all key to this successful AATB inspection.


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