LIfeGift Advocacy Grassroots Toolkit


The government is considering rash changes to the national organ donation system that could disrupt organ donation and transplant and lead to lost lives. Everyone at LifeGift, along with our OPO colleagues, recognize the importance of continual improvement to increase the number of lives saved, but the proposed regulations outlined in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Rule is based on a flawed and invalid method of evaluation and could dismantle the organ donation system if finalized as currently proposed. 

Please contact your Senators and U.S. Reps today and ask them to oppose the Center for Medicare and Medicaid changes. Our Grassroots Kit contains a sample congressional letter that can be easily printed, signed, and mailed to show your support for LifeGift.  

#SupportOPOs and #SaveMoreLives through #OrganDonation.


Advocacy Grassroots Toolkit

We've created a toolkit for you which includes: Sample congressional letters; Organ Donation Fact Sheet: A System That Works; social media graphics, and social media graphics.

Congressional Letter Samples

Fact Sheets

Social Media Graphics

Social Media Posts

Social Media Post Copy

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