Let’s Talk about Tissue Donation

Throughout our industry, messaging is changing about tissue donation. For many years, donating tissue was considered  “life-enhancing,” when, in fact, tissue donation is “lifesaving” just as organ donation is. Here are few quick examples to illustrate that fact:

Skin for burn victims: Without this, burn victims would not survive. The skin is applied as a temporary wound dressing and must be reapplied every few days. It takes 10 donors to treat one serious burn victim.

Heart valves: Allograft human heart valves are the preferred choice for children in need as they cannot tolerate mechanical valves. Previously, affected children would need to have valves implanted very few years as the valves would not grow as they aged, but new technologies have been implemented to change this.

You will be hearing more and more about the lifesaving benefits of tissue. Watch for more updated messaging in staff meetings and other communications.

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