Jennifer Hannon Honored With Dove Award

On Tuesday, Oct. 28, the Culture Team awarded Jennifer Hannon, tissue quality systems specialist, with the Dove Award for living out our core values of compassion, passion and professionalism. Members of the Culture Team, as well as LifeGift's president and CEO Kevin Myer, surprised an unsuspecting Jennifer with the recognition.

Jennifer was nominated to receive the Dove Award primarily for the compassion she recently showed to a young man, Steve, who recently lost his job and was down on his luck. Earlier in October, Steve approached Jennifer, asking her if he could wash her car in the LifeGift parking lot. After receiving the nod from Jessica Leibold, managing director of facilities and purchasing, Steve proceeded to wash Jennifer’s car. He did such a stellar job that other employees asked if he could wash their cars. He now provides car washing services to LifeGift employees every Tuesday and Thursday for $10 per car. On Fridays, he provides full detailing services for $20 per car.

“Jennifer showed such compassion for a man who needs some help lifting himself back up,” said Martha Harris, administrative assistant, who nominated Jennifer for the award. Martha appropriately presented Jennifer with a set of fairy godmother wings and a magic wand along with her Dove Award.

“Jennifer lived out our core value of compassion, demonstrating that she has a heart for others,” said Myer. “She recognized that she could do something to help a fellow human being who had fallen on hard times.”

Steve incidentally joined LifeGift staff in the presentation of the Dove Ward to Jennifer.

Congratulations, Jennifer!

If you recognize someone you think is deserving of the Dove Award, contact the culture team at

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