It’s Baking in the Oven: 2015 Annual Report/2016 Calendar

Smells like the holiday season! This year, you’ll be able to wrap up a sweet gift of hope fresh out of the oven to share with a loved one: the 2015 annual report/2016 calendar, “Hopes and Dreams Take Flight.”

The Communications Department worked early on the dough made of the finest ingredients: passion, compassion and a team of highly skilled professionals working on the graphics, photography, writing, proofing and Spanish translations. They were the sous chefs of this masterpiece. 

Now let’s talk about what really happens in the kitchen. It takes a lot of work and logistics to prepare a calendar of such special caliber, especially when some of the lead characters are still wearing diapers!

The photo shoots were some of the most entertaining parts of this special project. LifeGift staff turned the offices into a circus to make sure the kids were comfortable and able to have lots of fun while having their photos taken. Although, we are not sure who actually had more fun – the kids or us! Our dearest IT manager, Jerry Dunn, also showed up, making funny faces and acting like a kid again.  

We HOPE that you enjoy this issue of the calendar and remember that you are keeping hopes up for many people, especially those who are just starting their lives and have many dreams to fulfill. These hopes and dreams are all possible if we work together on our lifesaving mission.

To receive a copy or copies of the 2015 annual report/2016 calendar, please contact the LifeGift Communications Department. 

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