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Surprisingly, one of the popular myths some people have about organ, eye and tissue donation is that “it’s against my religion.” In fact, most faith communities are supportive of the cause and honor the choices of their members.

National Donor Sabbath is observed throughout the country as a highly anticipated Donate Life observance. This year, it takes place Nov. 13-15. During National Donor Sabbath, donor families, transplant recipients and donation/transplantation professionals are encouraged to promote awareness within their faith-based groups. 

National Donor Sabbath assists in educating the public about the need for lifesaving gifts. It gives communities the opportunity to encourage people to share hope. 

How can you celebrate National Donor Sabbath? Ask LifeGift for Donor Sabbath materials to take to your place of worship and share our associated social media messages with your circle of influence. 

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