Hispanic Community

Donation and Transplantation Among Hispanics

Across the country, Hispanics make up 19 percent of those waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant; the majority of those are waiting for a kidney. Studies have shown Hispanics are three times more likely than Caucasians to suffer from end-stage renal disease and diabetes.

In Texas, Hispanics make up nearly 45 percent of those waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant – but only make up about 26 percent of organ donors.*

Donor families incur costs related to donation.
Donor families are never asked to pay for any expenses related to donation. The beauty of their lifesaving gift should never be blemished in such a way


* 2013 numbers; not including those waiting for tissue transplants.

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Every mother has dreams for her children. Carmen Mireles hoped her sons, Jacob and Benjamin, would touch people’s lives in some way.

At age 21, Benjamin did just that when a 2003 accident cut his life short. An engineering student who loved restoring old cars, he often gave to others without expecting anything in return. As a registered organ and tissue donor, Benjamin saved a grandfather in Hemphill, Texas, with his heart, while his kidneys and tissue saved many more lives.

“I stand in amazement how someone so young could have such a positive and powerful effect,” Carmen said. She now signs all her correspondence with Proud Donor Mother, and she has written several children’s books, inspiring young people all across the country.

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