Going for the Gold in Cleveland

A group of kids take their marks on the starting line. Supporters crowd the finish line. Everyone is screaming and cheering. The starter gun goes off and the kids begin to sprint for the finish. They run toward the encouraging crowd with all their might. Their faces are flushed with energy. 

Tears well up in my eyes as I realize: These kids are healthy and alive all because of their donor heroes. In this very moment, there aren’t hospital beds, waiting lists or intravenous drips. These recipient athletes have this moment to thrive without limitations. 

These were the thoughts running through the mind of Kellye Moran, community engagement coordinator for LifeGift, as she witnessed the Transplant Games. 

The Donate Life Transplant Games is a multisport festival event created by the Transplant Games of America for individuals who have received lifesaving transplants.  This year, competitive games were held in Cleveland, and were open to living donors and recipients of organ, corneal and tissue transplants. State teams from across the nation attended the games in full state apparel. Team Texas represented for the Lone Star State. They bonded together in love to compete not only for their second chances, but also for their courageous donor heroes.  

In total, Team Texas earned 115 medals. LifeGift is proud of Team Texas and its fearless leaders, Donna Esposito and Amy Frackowiak. GO TEAM TEXAS! 

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