Fort Worth Child Honored on Donate Life Rose Parade Float

This New Year’s Day was especially poignant for the Johnston family, who celebrated the legacy of their son, Dakota, in Pasadena, California during the 126th Tournament of Roses Parade. 

At only 8 years old, Dakota died from an aneurysm caused by an Arterio-Venous Malformation. He was able to save the lives of five people, including a 5-year-old boy. He also donated tissue and corneas. 

Dakota’s floragraph, a portrait created from flowers and other natural materials, was among the 72 donors honored on this year’s float, “Never-Ending Story.” 

Dakota prayed every night for a baby brother or sister. Sadly, he had already passed away when twin siblings, Graci and Cash, now five, were born. But they certainly know their brother. At the floragraph finishing event at Bluebonnet Hills Funeral Home, the twins added natural materials to finish the eyebrows on their big brother’s portrait.  

Dignity Memorial sponsored the family of four to attend the action-packed schedule of events surrounding the float and its completion. Steve and Kelly Johnston felt so honored to have been chosen and said that they had an unforgettable time.   

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