Fort Worth-Area Resident Makes History As Second-Oldest Organ Donor on Record for LifeGift

On May 5, longtime Arlington resident, Christine Coffee, became the second-oldest organ donor in LifeGift’s history. Christine, a registered donor, donated her liver at Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital to a recipient in their 60s.

In 2006, Carlton Blackburn, also of North Texas and LifeGift donor, donated his liver at the age of 92. 

David Coffee, Christine’s son, said that he and his mother were inspired to register as donors after losing his father (Christine’s husband), who became a tissue and eye donor. He said he was in shock when he was told h

er liver could be used for transplant. 

Leading up to her death, Christine drove herself to the grocery store, church and to get her hair done. She was an active 90-year-old, who enjoyed the theater and travel. 

“Everyone loved her cooking,” recalls David. “Especially her homemade peach ice cream.”

Christine’s story demonstrates that one is never too old to give the gift of life by saying “YES!” to donation.  

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