Evan Lacombe’s Legacy: Translating Donation into HOPE

The stories of hope featured in LifeGift’s annual report/calendar are translated into Spanish each year to reach our Hispanic community. Since nearly 60 percent of those waiting for a lifesaving transplant are Hispanic, communicating the need for organ and tissue donors in Spanish is crucial.

GlobalSpeak Translations, a well-known and reputable translation company, especially in the technical energy industry, helps us make this possible. 

Flor Dimassi, GlobalSpeak Translations CEO, and Thomas Lacombe, GlobalSpeak Translations owner, became passionate about our cause and felt a connection with our lifesaving mission shortly after working on the calendar. Little did we know that this same mission would touch Thomas' life in such a meaningful way. 

Evan Taylor Lacombe, Thomas’ son, became a tissue donor at the age of 28 in November 2016. 

His passing happened right in the middle of the final revisions of the calendar’s translations, and with all the pain and distress that a loss like this caused his family, Thomas and his team never missed a deadline; they worked even harder to deliver the final product. The Spanish calendars arrived on the same day as the English calendars, just in time for the publication’s release. 

At the beginning of 2017, Thomas contacted LifeGift and announced that GlobalSpeak Translations would donate 1 percent of its revenue on a monthly basis to our cause of offering hope. 

We talked with Thomas about the motivation behind his commitment to LifeGift:

Please tell us about your connection to LifeGift.
“Aside from having LifeGift as a client, both I and Evan always felt that it was important to perpetuate good will and to leave the world a better place through our contributions.”

How did LifeGift became such an important cause for your organization?
“As a company with a heartfelt passion towards making a difference in this world through our services, we see a mutual alignment between both our organizations to support a greater good for those in need.”

Please tell us about the financial contribution you’ve decided to make on a monthly basis. What are your hopes for this? 
“We see LifeGift as the vehicle delivering hope, health and security to others so that they may continue contributing to the good of humanity. LifeGift is a vehicle for life, and we feel that our donations help fuel your mission.”

Please tell us a little bit more about Evan. What was he like? What did he like to do?
“Evan was an old soul who thought more of others than himself. If there was someone in need – a homeless man on the street, a mother with a disabled vehicle on the side of the road, or a young child whose dog was found wandering and lost – Evan was that person who would stop and share a helping moment.  
“Although Evan had many things that he liked to do, his greatest passion was his love for making things better. His last major project was completely dismantling the entire interior of his car so that he could upgrade his lighting and sound system.  This may seem like a simple task, but keep in mind that he had no experience in this type of project. This was all self-taught, and the words ‘I cannot do this’ were never mentioned. This is how he led his life: learn, move forward and make things better.  We feel that his ultimate donation to LifeGift will carry on his spirit of good will so that others may live.”

Listed below is a poem written by Thomas that was included in his son’s funeral program.

Our Guide
Evan Taylor Lacombe

Faith is our true compass, providing us safe passage through life. Both God and Evan will forever lead and guide us towards our glorious sunrises in the east, our tranquil sunsets in the west and be our brilliant north star to shine upon us in the darkest of night.

Alone we will not be, for Evan will always be with us in the slightest breeze, the laughter of a child and in the helping hands of a Good Samaritan bringing comfort and peace to our lives. 

As a child of God, rest well and keep watch over all of us.
Your Loving Family        

Special thanks to the members of the LifeGift Tissue Team, who worked with the Lacombe family to honor Evan’s life and lifesaving legacy. 

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