Dr. Charles Van Buren Award Given For Excellence in Organ and Tissue Donation

Congratulations to Michael Cooper and Emmitt Savannah for being the first recipients of the Dr. Charles Van Buren Award.

These awards were presented to Michael and Emmitt for exemplifying the persona of Dr. Van Buren, who served as the medical director for LifeGift from 1987 to 2012.

“Michael and Emmitt were both deserving of this recognition because of their commitment to offering hope to donor families and recipients, demonstrating the core values of passion, compassion and professionalism and serving as role models to their colleagues,” said Dr. R. Patrick Wood, chief medical officer for LifeGift. “Additionally, both of these gentlemen go above and beyond to ensure that the job gets done and place the goals of the LifeGift team and the needs of donors and their families above everything else. They are both a vital part of the organization and I look forward to their future contributions.” 

The awards were presented during the annual LifeGift Board of Directors Retreat in San Antonio. 

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